..Done a bit of floating around on boats, i like it, i like sailing and being out sea, i worked on a few of them too, met some A grade legends, up there is Captain James Saddington, he tried to teach me everything he knew but i left him in the south pacific and it was one of the hardest things i have ever done. sailed loads, spewed twice and laughed a lot, my mission was to become the master of my own ship and stay afloat travel, surf my nugg off ''i don‘t know where this dirty road is taking me and sometimes i dont know the reasons why, well i guess keep a gambling lots of booze an lots of rambling, well it easier the just a waiting round to die - that was Townes Van Zandt.
Then during a trip to Ireland, one of my many and always so inspired by the people and the places there i started to plant trees, grow food and started helping a community project with some very special human beings. I found it hard to leave this so after yacht delivery from San Fran to The Caribbean instead of buying a boat and floating around the world i went back to Co Clare and now call it home. With these wonderful people we started a community garden and Organic Farm and have commited to planting thousands of trees.